Thanks to all of our partners, speakers and participants from across the Boston innovation community for an amazing day of ideation around the Future of Aging on November 3 at CIC Boston. The ThinkTank organizing team is hard at work producing a recap video and a booklet that will provide key takeaways and outcomes from the day. You can request a booklet below.

ThinkTank Partners


This is going to be the first time in history where we have more people over 65 than under the age of 5 – it’s an unprecedented change in society.
-Charlotte Yeh, Chief Medical Officer, AARP Services Inc.

From housing to transportation, the rapid rise of aging populations is impacting the future of societies around the globe. As these populations continue to grow older, the Future of Aging ThinkTank serves as an interdisciplinary forum for rethinking and evolving our notions of what it means to age so that all people have the opportunity to imagine how older adults can continue to benefit and make positive contributions to their communities during the later stages of their lives.

Future of Aging ThinkTank Recap

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