Greg Affsa

Product Experience Manager


Over the course of his career as a designer, Greg has leveraged his expertise in Human Centered Design and Design Thinking to improve healthcare and help teams innovate faster.

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Ela Ben-Ur

Principal Innovation Coach and Consultant

i2i Experience

Ela Ben-Ur believes that innovation is fundamentally about human experiences: experiences leading people to innovate; and experiences of all people touched by an innovation, leading it to be embraced and impactful. She is passionate about enabling people to articulate and amplify their natural ways of innovating, and apply these across contexts in their work and lives to achieve their goals.

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Suzi Hamill

Former Head of Design Thinking


Suzanne (Suzi) Hamill believes insight into human behavior is the key to building incredible customer experiences. For more than 20 years, she has designed and launched companies and digital experiences impacting how people live day-to-day.

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Nan Ives


Experiential Innovation

Nan Ives is a skilled facilitator with extensive experience leading strategic planning, customer experience, and organizational change initiatives. As a champion of innovation, Nan teaches design thinking and human-centered design through innovation bootcamps, design sprints, and experiential events.

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David Knies

Chief Growth Officer


David leads all new business, marketing, brand and corporate strategy for Essential, a Boston-based innovation + design firm. Prior to joining Essential in September 2018, David was Chief Strategy + Innovation Officer for Breakaway, a hybrid brand development and venture capital firm known for its work with some of the world’s most exciting startups and established brands, including Dunkin’ Donuts, EverybodyFights, Oath Pizza, Drizly, Wasabi, PUMA, TrueFit, Spartan Race, Shoes.com, Bemis, AARP, Velcro, IdeaPaint, Ascend Cannabis, Brown Brothers Harriman and DRIVN.

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Eli MacLaren

Chief Market Maker

Business Innovation Factory

Eli MacLaren is a Chief Market Maker, leading Business Innovation Factoryʼs development efforts. She is responsible for the startup and scale of the Experience Labs. With over a decade of experience in building and leading social ventures, Eli is an accomplished social innovator with a deep knowledge of the new platforms required to catalyze and scale social innovation.

Gabriel Mugar

Design Researcher


Gabe is a researcher and designer at the intersection of technology, media, and community building. His expertise lies in building and analyzing learning/collaborative experiences in large scale online contexts and local civic settings.

Alexis Victor

Brand Experience Strategist


As a design strategy consultant, Alexis works with a variety of companies, such as Nationwide, Kohler, and Ford, to conduct research that reveals key insights that help clients innovate with confidence. Her specialty is translating research data into compelling visual stories that inspire action. Alexis is motivated by a passion for improving everyday people’s lives by designing more fulfilling product interactions.

Adam Zapotok

Associate in Design and Innovation

C Space

Adam Zapotok is a Designer in Innovation at C Space. Working on events planning, holding workshops, graphics, visual scribing, learning animation and videography. His interests and focuses change on an annual basis Leading him to a wide variety of skills. He has been involved in social innovation labs, non-profits, medical device start-ups, kinetic art, and now ethnography. Adam doesn’t know where or what his next interest will be but he’s excited to find out whats behind the next corner.